Motherhood – Letter to My sons



Can I get through this without a tear, Im sure I can do it…in the words of Cardi B “I’m gangsta”

I have two amazing boys, that I don’t raise alone by any means! However there was a time where we had some growing pains.

I have never publicly discussed my previous marriage but what’s important to know is with God, Family and prayer I am in  the best place of my life! My boys have been blessed with a Dad that will never disappoint them, or let there faces touch the ground when they stumble. Needless to say through the pain flourished a beautiful life.

I had my oldest son when I was a ripe 20 years of age, I was a sophomore in college, scared out my mind, what would my parents say, what would God think of me? Goodness writing this brings me back to the rush of feelings I had back in 2003. Needless to say 14 years later and it was by far the best decision I have ever made.


Dear Sons,

This letter is to remind you, my black sons that the intent of your life was not planned rather ordained. I wish for you live a full life, I wish for you to be strong, respectful, righteous men of GOD. To lead your generation by the ears and be the representation of educated, cultured and kind. I wish you to be fathers and husbands of leadership, gentle spirit and mature understanding.

I want you to experience a smile at the peak of the world’s most beautiful location, I want your spirit to be touched to help your fellow mankind. I want you to have the greatest love that is challenging at times but returns the greatest reward.

I want you to know you are KINGS, you are leaders, you are innovators, you are comedians, you are smart, you are wise beyond your years. You are covered by our father GOD. Remember who you are, embrace your difference and the differences of others. Don’t be subject to peer pressure, you are in control of SELF. Make decisions you can live with and not with haste. Don’t be easily swayed, live with conviction and confidence. When the old see’s your skin, show them your heart!

I hope once I leave this earth and you have each other you remain kind, and brilliant as I Will always protect you with the armour of prayer and know I will always be there for you. When you fall, fail and rejoice.

I love you more than I can express. Stay strong, and diligent my kings

Shine Bright,



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