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About Ambra

I am a self-taught makeup artist, and an advocate of self-love and encouraging positive harmony into every subscriber that watches my videos. My mission is to use my platform to boost confidence to the working mom, the corporate climber and the life transitional millennial. A native of Maryland and current resident of Tacoma, WA, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful children and very adorable Siberian husky name Stella.

About The Ambra Life

At The Ambra Life we empower women to embrace every facet of there UNIQUE beauty and help them live a life that shines bright!

Why, The Ambra Life

In this fast-paced modern world, women have to juggle a number of different and often competing responsibilities. In the maelstrom they often forget to take time for themselves. I love to help women remember their beauty, remember they matter and take time to enjoy the beautiful things in life.