New Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation

40 is the Magic Number

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This last week, all the girls have been unboxing the epic PR boxes from the Covergirl social team and I too have been salivating over the massive about of foundation!

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You guys know how I have been manic about the Covergirl Vitalist Foundation, well Covergirl is dong it again basically and taking all of my coins. As a fellow makeup junkie, finding a quality drugstore foundation can be daunting for most and not for the reason you may think. Most in my color range are limited to selection, there seems to be an espresso or mocha for every brand however no deeper then the inside of the palm of my hand but not TODAY!

CovergirlĀ  have introduced a new member to the family and it is there trublend matte made foundation, due to release this June with some epic claims!


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I don’t know about you but I am amped! This inclusive approach to complexion products although a rough journey through the aisle of your local pharmacy store has finally turned around and landed with a strong message. They hear us and they are going to do something about it!

Cheers to covergirl for setting the standard for new drugstore foundation releases, 40 is the magic number these days, why not 50?! I maybe asking for too much but I do have high hopes for their distribution plans, heres to all the shades being available in all stores okkkurr!

There will definitely be a review coming to my channel very soon! Make sure you subscribe!

Shine Bright!


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