At this point, you are fully caught up in my latest life events and HONEYYYY, as you can see I’ve been busy! Busy in the best way of course!

You have followed me on my journey through trauma and disappointment, to regain my independence and self discovery. So why not share my JOY!

Not only was finding out I was pregnant a total shock and beautiful surprise. However, this baby being a baby girl took this opportunity to be a new mama again to the next level!

As a little brown girl and loved as I was by my parents. I faced a lot of challenges with self-hate. I hated my name, my complexion, the fact that I was tall and skinny (clearly not the case these days LOL). I just wanted long luxurious hair and skin accepted by the western standard of beauty! WOW, I did a lot of work in that area and finally woke up in my 30s like GIRL YOU FINE! not just FINE but melanated in a way that others aspire to be. I had to understand God made me in this skin for a reason and I wish I had the self confidence that I have now back then as a young dark-skinned girl.

I say all that to say, being blessed to raise and be an example of a woman of substance, a god fearing, self loving woman literally takes my breathe away!

I get to share with her, along with other beautiful representation of black woman that her black is AMAZNING! Her name has meaning deeper than she can imagine (yes we have a name…but that’s for a later post to share!)

If you have been following me you know I have two amazing boys whom I have written an open letter to, and this baby is no different. I want to use this space to write a open little to my baby girl! I do hope you join in and celebrating her life as it is truely a miracle.

Baby Girl,

Hello sweetheart, it’s mommy. I just want to share that the moment I heard of your existence I wept. Not to alarm you, it was nothing but tears of joy! Unspeakable joy! I felt God’s grace cover me in a way I can’t clearly describe. You will later find out how you made it to be but know I dreamed of you, spoke of you, desired you since I was a small child. I had no idea the path that was outlined for my life would lead me to you in this way at this time.

But know, you were alive deep down in my soul before anyone even knew. Baby girl, you have two amazing brothers who smile every day at the idea of beating up your future partner or anyone that shows you interest simply because they feel it’s there job, as you are truly the treasure. You will be greeted by an amazing daddy who will be your first love and he is so excited to cover you in protection and love, that I’ll be sure to advocate for some leancy when he’s a little tight about letting you go lol.

Baby girl I want you to know that you are beautiful! You are designed specifically and hand crafted to make a mark on this world in a way you may not htink is imaginable. It is written, so give yourself grace when you fail. I know you will work so hard to prove others wrong that; that fail is simply a blip in your story that what you accomplish will overshadow it.

Love know that you are not perfect, no one is but knowing you tried and a woman of integrity is the upmost charaterics to posses. 

Your blood runs with woman that have come before you that are resilent, powerful and strong. You can’t help the people that draw to you beacuse they will see a light that shines so bright they are simply attracted. I want you to protect your space, boundaries are not disresepct however a safe guard to allow access to only those deserving.

I love you tremendously and I will be your number one cheerleader, even when you have moments you can’t stand me. I will always remind you of who you are and be the one who tells you the truth wrapped in love and push you to be the best version of yourself.

“God put the rainbow in the sky as the sign of his promise” Genesis 9:13–17, and for that I am beyond grateful for this gift, YOU! 

I pray for you everyday and can not express how excited I am to meet you. To see me in you! I will warn you, I love hard so know I go crazy for my cubs. I make no apologiess ha!

See you soon sweetheart!

Shine Bright!

Photographer: Stan Morris | Creative Director: Tawny Smith


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