I’m a Vinyasa Kind of Girl! #Yogi

So those who may follow me on my social platforms, will know my husband is a fitness fanatic. He is so motivating with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so where do I come in…yeah I am not the gym type.

Goodness knows I need to be, however when I first moved to Washington I was overweight, unhealthy and honestly it wasn’t cute. Having anxiety and slight depression at that time I decided I need not only physical conditioning I need to settled my mind.

Yoga was my release, I had no idea what it would do to my body and mind. I was able to focus and leave outside life woos at the door and really center myself into my practice. Not only did yoga allow me to shed some unwanted pounds, I was able to sleep better, joints were more nimble, girl I was able to handle 96-104 degree room temperatures for 60-90 mins with ease.

In no way am I suggesting to not go to the gym, more so find the activity that makes you most comfortable with the same results – living a  healthier lifestyle.

So some tips for the hot yoga newbie

  1. Stay Hydrated, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times when I first started I would go to classes without proper amount of hydration and in the middle fo class felt nauseous, light headed or talked myself down from running right out the room! Drink water at-least 16oz before class.
  2. DO NOT, I repeat do not go to class on an empty or full stomach, I suggest a kind bar, a banana, or even some almonds but let the record show I’ve warned you…the latter of the two is not cute!
  3. Have fun shopping for your cute and chic yoga mat and accessories. Maybe yoga socks, or a yoga towel, I am a firm believer if you have cute things your more invested in using the product to assist in your fitness journey.
  4. Be prepared for the sweat, a new sew-in, possible new hair press will be a distant memory upon entrance into a hot class room, there is no salvaging it, so I suggest either a protective style, or wrap it up and tie her down!
  5.  Lastly, have fun, have an open mind, and lead with good intentions. Your not going to be a master of yoga after just one visit. I had to learn it’s more about the practice then perfecting in the beginning.



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