My First Music Festival In Seattle! #wseattle

Dress: Zara | Sneakers: Nike | Sunglasses: Quay

What’s crazy is I actually have been to several music festivals. Afropunk in Paris, and Essence Fest in New Orleans, but never in my own backyard. I don’t think people realize that quite a bit of artist came out of the Seattle. Nirvana, Jimmy Hendrix and Macklemore to name a few. Don’t think Seattle isn’t a city worthy of some big music superstars.

I wanted to share my first experience and all the fun that can be had, while giving a few tips to navigate the lands!

Most don’t know but I actually live in a small town in Washington, not in the metro city. I come into the city quite often for blogger fun and I knew if I was going to attend Bumbershoot (Seattle’s biggest music and arts festival) it would be worth staying close to all the action. My friends at The W Hotel Seattle was gracious enough to provide me with accommodations during my weekend stay full of festivities.

The W Hotel, is an urban retreat in the heart of downtown, W Seattle combines the energy of the city with the serenity of the Pacific Northwest. The amenities alone had me at “Welcome to The W” upon arrival. This 26 story building equip with a stunning lounge and bar, live music and DJ spinning until…well until! The party stops when you do! My room a beautiful corner unit with views of the city that made me feel separate from my neighbors. A lounge area that my guest could sit. I can’t be the only one who can’t handle people sitting on my bed with “outside” clothes.

image via W Seattle

workout fit: IndustrySoft but Fierce Bra & Leggings

It was a beautiful space while not being far away from home. It was located just minutes from Seattle Center where the festival was being held and after a day of eating, laughing and dancing the W was such a prize at the end of a long day.

Dress: Asos

Tip 1: Make sure you review the entire festival line up, including art exhibits. It’s smart to plan your day based on all the acts you want to make sure you see. Most festival websites let you select the musicians you are interested in and create your own itinerary for the weekend.

*extra tip* my girlfriend Tawny screenshot the calendar and saved it as her screensaver on her phone. This to avoid having to look it up in her gallery after taking so many images and videos…it was a time saver

Tip 2. Review the map of the festival layout, it is imperative you know where you’re going. If you have VIP access, it would be such a waste of time walking all day not knowing where anything is and you miss a performance.

Tip 3. UBER or LYFT my goodness parking is a B&$!H most times you can get promo offers around festivals. *use share ride…save yourself a few coins PLUS you never know who you may meet sharing a bae?

Tip 4. Wear comfortable shoes! Festivals is not the time to be TOO cute ok. A good sneaker will save you with all the walking around and standing (some stages are stand only) dependent on weather in the PNW you could get caught up in some rain. Just be mindful of your environment. If you need to exit swiftly…a 4” heel ain’t it boo boo

In summary when thinking of going to a big festival, go with an open mind. Don’t be the eww “don’t touch” me person. Think about it when you’re in a very large dancery and zoning out to H.E.R or Tyler the Creator. I’m sorry muffin you will bump elbows with someone!

Shine Bright!

Photography: Ike Haynes



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