How To Overcome Life Challenges #ipinkican

Challenges in life show up in my opinion for a very real reason. To test your faith, but most importantly push you to work through them.

This month I partnered with in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s when “Fight Light a Girl” becomes a compliment & every second turns into an #ipinkican moment. I was faced with a challenging time in my life and I want to share how I overcame it.

Being a single parent was by far the hardest challenge of my life. When you plan your life you think, big house, 2.5 kids and a dog sharing it with your best friend for the rest of your life. Well, that doesn’t always bare to be true when life deals a different card then you had “planned.” In 2012, I separated from my children’s father, moved to Washington State with my young boys and lost a vital family member who passed away all in a matter of months. It wasn’t until having a complete breakdown that I found myself crying to my father over the phone that I needed to come home, back to Baltimore, and just quit.

I was not built for this on my own – raising children. Providing solely and responsible for so much! My father had the most effective conversation that completely shifted my mindset. It started with getting therapy. LOOK therapy in the black community is dismissed as a self-care regimen and that’s not fair. I was so proud to hear my father from an older generation speak life into me when it came to my mental health.  My mental state is just as important as that of my children. Finding aligned with my feelings allowed me to be the best single parent for my boys. I was in awe to hear my father share his story and how seeking help to process all of these major life changes. Then it was the shift in my physical state, that also contributed to my re-alignment. I incorporate working out on a regular basis. Yoga was the vice that allowed me to leave the worlds issues behind. I have learned how to be still in order to absorb the peace I was granted.

What I also learned most about this very difficult time in my life was knowing I couldn’t do it alone, I needed to lean on my village. So often as women, and mothers we find it challenging to reach out when we just need plain ole help! It’s no longer a matter of pride anymore it’s a mean of self-survival. It’s not even realistic for one person to think they can do it all. I encourage you to look at your village for relief.  To seek the help you need when you realize you’ve hit your glass ceiling.

However, you overcome your challenges life throws your way. Understand it won’t be the last and you won’t be the first to undergo it. You will see the other side of this. There will be times of joy, sadness, and triumph. It is imperative whatever your faith, take time to be still and regain your peace. It belongs to you and you deserve it! Never let the circumstance define you. You own your path, build the best one you can! Know you CAN and you WILL succeed!

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