The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Sweater Weather

Sweater weather you say…


Too thin, too itchy, too hairy….these are just some of the adjectives that kept me from even getting too many sweaters in the transitional months leading up to fall and winter. Finding the ideal sweater can be a task when you have so many things to consider. I have a pretty simple formula I like to use when shopping for sweaters, but today I will keep it simple and just share one, for the novice. COLOR!

For the newbie try to keep the color selections to basics, and have fun with texture! This allows you the freedom to express your personal style with stylish bottoms you pair them back to, whether you decided on a monochromatic look or a mix and match of patterns, having a solid base can really elevate the entire outfit.


When on a  recent online shopping binge I landed on a specialty retailer that prides itself on offering style and value, now that I can get behind! I landed on a couple of options to inject into my fall wardrobe and first up is this mustard wrap sweater by Favlux. I immediately thought of all the possibilities when planning my look. What I like most about this sweater is the versatility, it can be worn from a day of running errands to a fun night out with the girls! So definitely a good choice if I do say so myself!

Next up, the bulky chunky sweater trend, working with my height, I absolutely love it! Mostly because of the comfort, and second to hide my imperfections. These cable knit sweaters allow me to get away with any extra treats during the holiday season…(hides face in pams) hey, I’m being honest!

I choose this ivory cable knit as it is a staple chic option for anyone’s wardrobe. I personally prefer ivory as a color basic because it can play nicely with patterns. Mixing ivory basics with its sister (non-color) option such as white is so stylish and draws all eyes on you when walking into a room. Listen wearing white can be stressful I know this first hand, especially when you are trying to match to the exact white on each piece you intend on bringing into the mix. So the get out of jail free card is matching ivory with white and expressing a perfectly imperfect ensemble.

Navigating sweaters can be daunting but what can make the process easier is intentional selections. A good basic allows for multi-styling, yes I made this word up but wearing as one piece is one option but then using it as a staple and layer other garments can bring a different style story to your wardrobe, trust me its great, two for the price of one! Just have fun and don’t limit yourself.

Shine Bright!

Wrap Sweater

Cable Sweater



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