Oily Skin Girls Need Love Too

Let’s get into to meat and potatoes of makeup..consider it seasoning for your favorite dish, your canvas for the painting you are commissioned to do, Skin Care is quintessentially the most important aspect to a flawless makeup application and as you may or maynot know being oily combo has had its challenges. Falsities of needing moisturizer or putting items that aren’t oil free, well I am here to calm your concerns. One thing most don’t realize is that almost every step to your skincare routine has a oily combo alternative. I have listed a few brands who specifically have product for “our” skin type. What’s also important is knowing that restraining from daily moisturizers causes your skin to work over time and produce an abundant amount of oil in desperate survivor mode to be moisturized. So trust me please put on moisturizer folk, it’s actually not the enemy.

Clinique is a brand that I can get behind as there breathe of product is formulated for every skin type. I am absolutely obsessed with there liquid facial soap formulated for oily skin,I can’t even count how many bottles I have used over the years but it’s a great clean after a long day with full face of makeup but mostly because I now it’s going to clarify my pores without over drying.

Just recently I have been having a great experience with Ole Henriksen Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser, it reduces excess oil and deeply cleanses pores. I particularly like how gentle the product is in combination with my clarisonic mia 2, I feel it penetrates the surface layer leaving my skin refreshed and well balanced

Lastly I have to share this brand of skincare products that I wish I knew about earlier but it wasn’t until I received a care package that I took the leap to introduce into my routine and WOW what a stand out 3 step system. Boden USA is a skincare brand specifically targeting brown and black girls. This dynamic product not only impressed me but my husband has asked me to reorder time and time again. He attest to feeling like his skin was wrapped in balance and protected from the world’s impurities, he particularly felt the toner was an essential step in the improvement to his skin. I wholeheartedly agree, this brand is severely under the radar. If I was to suggest any of the skincare I would tell you to invest in Bolden’s sulfate free cleanser, brightening glycolic toner acid Toner and bentonite clay mask with willow bark. THANK ME LATER!!  

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