Today’s the day! The Ambra Life is a cumulation of all things about my life! For those who don’t know me, I am a self-taught MUA, and an advocate of self-love and encouraging positive harmony into every subscriber that watches my videos and readers of this blog. My mission is to use my platform to boost confidence to the working mom, the corporate climber and the life transitional millennial.

OK, so now that we got formal introductions out of the way. I want to share what you can expect from me over here. Well first things first is complete and utter transparency. We live in a age where social media is manufactured, look I’m even guilty of it but this is a space to freely discuss real life concerns and challenges.

I am a wife, a mom, a friend, a businesswoman, there are so many more hats I wear and guess what everything is not perfect. I get frustrated, overwhelmed, excited, sad, I could go on and on. However I want to share how I tackle this thing called life. No excuse, unapologetically and honest.


What you will see is me explore my creativity with home decor and learn about my obsession with candles…it’s bad guys (sigh), you will always be able to come here to see the latest and greatest in beauty and skincare..come on that’s my first love!  Also you can expect some behind the scene on projects I am working on from fitness, to health and how I navigate the days living in Washington State.

Alright! I am excited to see you here, we will definitely laugh, share and embrace all of our UNIQUENESS!

Shine Bright,


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